Pushing the limits of DIY

CuriousMotor is a little hobby blog dedicated to democratizing engineering knowledge in small chunks as DIY projects. 

" A dream you dream together is reality "

- John Lennon

Open-source is the future. Collaboration over competition.

My reflections on ‘engineering education’ as a DIY enthusiast

It all started when I bumped into a rather unique hobby of building guitar effect pedals. In 2015, I found myself in a 20k+ member community of guitar pedal enthusiasts on Facebook. Being a teenager who couldn’t make a head or tail of the conversations in the community, I was intrigued by how people could themselves make electronic circuits that squeezed, crushed, stretched and echoed sound. I figured that if I could learn to read circuit diagrams and source the parts from somewhere I could make those cool sound-bending circuits at home. Armed with YouTube tutorials and the discovery of […]

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