3DP- Part 2 Visual Build Log

During the pandemic, I decided to build myself a 3D printer to add another dimension to DIY projects. As for this post, here are some pictures I clicked along the way. I built this printer at a time when I was loaded with college assignments, else all of it could have been done in 3-4 days! Ended up working for just about 1 -1.5 hrs a day.

07/11/2020 – I made some minor modifications to the Prusa .dxf files on Github and git them laser cut from my vendor in Pune.

08/11/2020 – Was in a mood to paint, so decided to paint the base for the 3D printer. One of the few steps that were little more than optional.

09/11/2020 – Fixed the frame to the base and got some parts 3D printed from another local vendor.

10/11/2020 – Assembled the Y-axis mechanical structure, consisting of smooth rods and the print bed.

12/11/20 – Assembled the X axis and hooked up all the electronics. All of it worked on the first try!

14/11/20 – Assembled the Mk8 extruder attached it to the X- carriage using zipties.

14-17 /11/20 – The z-axis simply wouldn’t work and make screechy sounds during the print. Tried all I could to debug it. Luckily someone on Reddit was able to point out that my Z-axis homing speed was too high. It was time for the first print, which took quite some time to tune…

19/11/20 – And the printer worked perfectly! It was time to replace Zipties with decent looking plastic parts. I found a nice extruder mount on Thingiverse and printed it out. 

21/11/20 – The very next thing I wanted to fix was the spool holder. Until then, the filament was in a box and would pull it out to create some slack every 5-10 mins. I used some old PVC pipe lying around in the house and bought a few joints to make a decent spool holder.

22/11/20 – I realized that the printer wasn’t able to ‘bridge’ between two pillars as the filament didn’t cool down fast enough after being extruded. So I printed a Fan shroud and hooked up a cooling fan to the circuit.

13/12/2020 – Had lots of fun printing keychains, gears, and other small stuff. Also printed a guitar capo that worked wonderfully!

I realized that 5mm threaded rods on the z-axis had started to bend forwards. After a bit of googling, I got to know that most designs today, use either 8 or 10mm leadscrews. I stupidly dismantled the X-axis before printing parts for the new X-Axis. So once again, asked my local vendor to print some parts for the new X-Z axis.

The new X axis (link) also has a belt tensioning system.

5/1/2021 – The printer has been working great! I decided to add some graffiti on the frame and manage the wires better with a plastic sleeve.

01/02/2021 – No problem with the printer, but I guess most projects such as the BCN3D moveo require a bigger print bed, so I plan to rebuild the frame with a bigger bed, preferably using aluminium extrusions!


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